London Engagement | Chic London Cafe

London Engagement | Chic London Cafe

London Engagement in the heart of Belgravia


Happy Valentines day all you loved up couples out there! Gosh I sound just like a San Fransisco radio station early in the morning. The Fine Cheese Co. in Belgravia  will be the the best decision to photograph your London Engagement shoot. Not only is it cheesy (no pun of course) but full of atmosphere. 


The most romantic outdoor cafe in London


I met Azi & Tiva a couple of months ago and knew from the first moment it would be a joy to photograph them. Azi loved the cream luxurious feels of Belgravia for an Engagement shoot in London. She also liked the idea to start the session off at a cute street cafe. Who will say no to red wine? It definitely get’s everyone in the mood. The sun was just setting on a hot sunny day in the city. The cafe was perfectly shadowed for the purest light a girl could ask for. Instantly Tiva had the charm, giving Azi sweet kisses and just being in the moment with her. She giggled away and I got camera ready! Afterwards we took a little stroll around the corner and discovered the most incredible crescent that complimented their outfits so beautifully.

Being a London Photographer can be challenging, planning your shoots around busy periods in the city. Shooting in Lush neighbourhoods has become such a safe haven as it’s quiet enough to let the shoot flow in it’s own right without any disruptions! 


That’s all the romance for one day!

Nkima x



Nkima is simply amazing! She’s really more than a wedding photographer. She has been an absolute dream to work with. During our post-wedding shoot she put us at ease straight away, we laughed lots and the photos were just awesome. f you’re thinking about booking her for your wedding , DO IT NOW!!! You won’t be disappointed ! She has captured memories we will cherish forever!


London romantic cafe,NkimaPhotography_0001.jpg
London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0002.jpg
London cafe, NkimaPhotography_0003.jpg
fine cheese & co, Belgravia,NkimaPhotography_0004.jpg
London cafe,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0005.jpg
The Fine Cheese Co. Belgravia,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0006.jpg
London wedding photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0007.jpg
London Photographer,NkimaPhotography_0008.jpg
London wedding photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0009.jpg
London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0010.jpg
London couple shoo,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0011.jpg
London photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0012.jpg
London photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0013.jpg
London photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0014.jpg
London photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0015.jpg
London photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0016.jpg
London photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0017.jpg
London photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0018.jpg
London photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0019.jpg
London engagement,Belgravia,NkimaPhotography_0020.jpg
London photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0021.jpg
London engagement,Belgravia shoots,NkimaPhotography_0022.jpg
London couple shoot,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0023.jpg
London couple shoot,NkimaPhotography_0024.jpg
London couple shoot,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0025.jpg
London couple shoot,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0026.jpg
London couple shoot,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0027.jpg
London couple shoot,London wedding photographer,NkimaPhotography_0028.jpg
London couple shoot,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0029.jpg
London couple shoot,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0030.jpg
London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0031.jpg
London couple shoot,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0032.jpg
London couple shoot,NkimaPhotography_0033.jpg
London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0034.jpg
London couple shoot,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0035.jpg


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London Couple Photographer, Caila & Nick

London Couple Photographer, Caila & Nick

London couple photographer, Caila & Nick


Are you ready for some romance in the air London lovers? Be prepared for a whole lot of hearts skipping a beat. Caila and Nick are all the way from the big apple. Yes, New York City! I am super blessed to be able to meet such gorgeous personalities but also to be able to capture them as a truly devoted London Couple Photographer. How lucky am I?



Dear London…Wake up with us.



Little miss sunshine (Caila Quinn) got up at the crack of dawn with her man (he must be in love) just to enjoy the centre of London, Buckingham Palace tourist free! Oh and to catch some gorgeous rays of course, among other things like…you know, kisses. As soon as I saw them approaching around the corner with coffees in hand, I knew this will be a session close to my heart. We started the shoot chatting all things life and gosh, I got instantly distracted by the gorgeous sight of St James. Victorian buildings with massive doorways with the sun shining through the little corners. Mid conversation I started to snap away! The chemistry is just electrifying between Caila and Nick, no seriously…Saying they are cute is an understatement.

Living in London as a wedding photographer, I do see it in another light. Everything has a different look and feel to it and my aim is to bring it alive through my camera. With that comes spontaneous location choosing to keep things fresh and also to keep inspiring yourself with the unknown. I’ve actually never had a couple session in St James / Buckingham Palace area but seeing Caila’s personality on instagram I had a feeling she would just connect with it! You can’t get a more London feel with a NYC twist can you?! If your looking for a couple photographer in London, please get in touch here fore more details. Would love to capture your story! 

See Caila Quinn’s blog post about the shoot here.




Caila Quinn London,Engagement,Nkima Photography_0001.jpg
Caila Quinn London,Engagement,Nkima Photography_0002.jpg
Caila Quinn London,Engagement,Nkima Photography_0003.jpg
Caila Quinn London,Engagement,Nkima Photography_0004.jpg
Caila Quinn London,Engagement,Nkima Photography_0005.jpg
Caila Quinn London,Engagement,Nkima Photography_0006.jpg
Caila Quinn London,Engagement,Nkima Photography_0007.jpg
Caila Quinn London,Nkima Photography_0008.jpg
Caila Quinn London,Nkima Photography_0009.jpg
Caila Quinn London,Nkima Photography_0010.jpg
London Photographer,Nkima Photography_0011.jpg
London Engagement Photographer,Nkima Photography_0012.jpg
London Engagement Photographer,Nkima Photography_0013.jpg
London Engagement Photographer,Nkima Photography_0014.jpg
London Engagement Photographer,Nkima Photography_0015.jpg
London Engagement Photographer,Nkima Photography_0016.jpg
London Engagement Photographer,Nkima Photography_0017.jpg
Engagement Photographer,Nkima Photography_0018.jpg
London Engagement Photographer,Nkima Photography_0019.jpg
London couple Photographer,Nkima Photography_0020.jpg
London Engagement Photographer,Nkima Photography_0021.jpg
London Photographer,Nkima Photography_0022.jpg

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Destination Wedding Photographer | Prague Engagement

Destination Wedding Photographer | Prague Engagement

Destination Wedding Photographer | Prague Engagement 


Based as a London photographer, I am spoiled for choice but we do love to venture out! We travelled to the most beautiful historical city for a weekend to photograph a spectacular destination Wedding in the heart of Prague. Have I told you lately how happy I am to be a Wedding photographer? I brings out the very best in me! We woke up at 5 am the next morning to catch the sunrise for this elegant couple session. We were so inspired by the historical nature of the old Charles bridge, iconic to say the least! Our couple shoot started in the cutest pebbled street right next to the bridge. My eyes caught the most bold and beautiful staircase leading to the 14th century bridge. Don’t you just love it when one location gives you so much to work with?


Prague’s gothic nature enhanced the boldness of this look


I have to admit it, I am a fan of angles, capturing motion and natural light. We were blessed with all that and more, and by more I mean this sleek little black number by Needle and ThreadI loved every detail and flow of this evening dress. The gothic nature of Prague definitely enhanced the boldness of this look. 


For Engagement or Wedding bookings get in touch. 

Nkima x

Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0001.jpg
 Prague engagement, Destination wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0003.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0004.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0005.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0006.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0007.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0008.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0009.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0010.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0011.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0012.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0013.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0014.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0015.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0016.jpg
Elopement photographer, Nkima Photography_0017.jpg
Destination wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0018.jpg
Destination wedding photographer, Prague, Nkima Photography_0019.jpg

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South Kensington Engagement | Michelle & Jordan

South Kensington Engagement | Michelle & Jordan

How to choose your location to match your couple


The most important task whilst planning your couple’s engagement shoot in my opinion! London is filled with the most incredible architecture and landscapes that it could really be overwhelming knowing what style and vibe is yours as a couple. Being a London photographer I roam these vibrant streets to find bright and airy spots on a weekly basis. Honestly not only for my inspiration but also for my piece of mind. I had the pleasure to photograph this super chic and stylish South Kensington Engagement with my fabulously romantic couple, Michelle and Jordan. 


South Kensington is a heavenly place to set the tone for a London engagement shoot


Meeting Michelle, I knew she spoke my language. Interests such as travel and Fashion l knew I was in for a treat. We met at South Kensington and made our way to the stunning Onslow Square. For those who haven’t been, you are missing out on the purest white heavenly place. I had a feeling a location thats neutral and simplistic would fit their personalities all too well. The best part is how quiet the area is, the perfect opportunity to get comfortable with each other and of course for them to feel at ease with me.    

Hope this feeds all London couples some Valentines day romance and a potential Valentines gift idea for a special someone. For bookings get in touch.
Nkima x


London wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0001.jpg
London wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0002.jpg
London wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0003.jpg
London wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0006.jpgLondon wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0004.jpgLondon wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0007.jpg
London wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0008.jpg
London wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0009.jpgLondon wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0005.jpgLondon wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0010.jpg
London wedding photographer, Nkima Photography_0011.jpg

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Dubai inspired couple shoot | Dubai Photographer

Dubai inspired couple shoot | Dubai Photographer


I’ve had this photography dream to be a Dubai photographer and to shoot a couple in a chic simplistic setting surrounded by nature. Our trip to South Africa could not be completed without a Dubai inspired session in Hout bay, Cape Town.

This is one special location! We drove up to the coast passing the most picturesque fisherman’s town of Hout bay. As soon as Chris and Nadia made their stunning appearance I could just feel the attraction they have for each other. Both of them smiling ear to ear I knew they would be so comfortable in front of my lens and be as playful as little loved up kids. Chris is a DJ and also the most creative photographer/videographer and travels all over the world with his stunning Nadia that’s his muse! For anyone that’s experienced shooting another photographer can be daunting but in this case everything just faded perfectly into place.

DUBAI PHOTOGRAPHER | 28 June – 8 July 

Style for a shoot is always a must in my books. We went for a chic and minimal look to showcase the very best emotion between the two. You can never go wrong with a classic black and white. My favourite time to shoot is sunset as the dunes are the brightest of whites it can overpower the couple and we all know I am all for the soft romantic feels. A connection is so important, I like to step back and just let my couple interact and feel the moment of them just being there, together. Normally during this time true emotion will show and that’s when I come in! Can you spot the moment in this gallery? For me it’s when he comfortably hugs her and her smile gives it all away… 

Get inspired by Chris and Nadia’s outlook on life and creativity on their instagram profiles below.



For more Destination Photography see our latest Prague couple shoot here.


Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0001.jpg
Dubai couple dunes photographer, Nkima Photography_0002.jpg
Dubai couple dunes photographer, Nkima Photography_0003.jpg
Dubai dunes photographer, Nkima Photography_0004.jpg
Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0005.jpg
Dubai dunes photographer, Nkima Photography_0006.jpg
Dubai portrait photographer, Nkima Photography_0007.jpg
Dubai engagement photographer, Nkima Photography_0008.jpg
Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0009.jpg
Dubai photographer, Nkima Photography_0010.jpg
Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0011.jpg
Dubai photographer, Nkima Photography_0012.jpg
Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0013.jpg
Dubai photographer, Nkima Photography_0014.jpg
Dubai engagement photographer, Nkima Photography_0015.jpg
Dubai engagement photographer, Nkima Photography_0016.jpg
Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0017.jpg
Dubai photographer, Nkima Photography_0018.jpg
Dubai photographer, Nkima Photography_0019.jpg
Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0020.jpg

Top 5 Shoot Locations as a London Photographer

Top 5 Shoot Locations as a London Photographer

Top 5 London Engagement locations 

Returning to my dream city


Looking for a London photographer who know’s this city inside out? Well…. hint hint, look no further! I’ve been living in the Uk for over 13 years. It became my favourite city to discover bold and pretty locations…Scroll down to see my top 5 shoot locations as a London photographer.


All about LONDON


Okay, well this needs an entire blog post by itself. Wait for it folks, it’s worth it… Believe me. 

But first, as we’re moving to New Zealand in September we decided to travel the word this year. Being a London  Photographer for a while now, I totally understand my style and where I fit into this crazy world of the Romantics. Me and my Boo will be working together on several London Weddings in July/August 2018. So excited to return to my most loved city and go photo crazy! Get in touch here for Lifestyle, Family, Engagement and of course Wedding photography.  Wooh that’s a mouth full ha! Plain and simple, I do it all… well almost. 




1. Well of course. My go to romantic destination for my couples who’s into the chic, pure whites and romantic feels.


Alberts Pink + White Bridge. Visit this street in Spring (April) for perfect pinky blooms. Right next to Rayman, 1 Redcliffe rd. Chelsea. All along Kings Roads, not so hidden streets. Walk and you shall find. 

5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0081.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0082.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0083.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0084.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0085.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0086.jpg


2. Wonderful, historical and classy. This location is for the not so shy couples. It’s always buzzing with the London rush, best to go at 10 am before lunch kicks in. 


The Grind, very small but so photogenic and minimalistic. Outside the Royal exchange, the steps and pillars are to die for. Be quick though, the security will ask you to leave, but just opposite Grind and The royal exchange are some pillars as well that no one has ever told me off by shooting there! Again, this location is pure city feels. High buildings, old and new…Boutique / cafe feels. 

5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0087.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0088.jpg


]3.This is a goodie, not only my favourite luxurious location ever, but also the nicest city walk too. Gives you the opportunity to have a beautiful connecting chat with your couple while looking for THE SHOT. 


Eden road, for sure! Go at sunset for the soft light to shine through the historical cream buildings. No 11 Plimlico rd cafe/ restaurant is so chic with it’s all black building decor and so editorial to photograph from the outside with a couple walking past. Imagine… create! Wild at heart flowers. Whats more romantic than flowers. The fine cheese and co cafe is just Tiffany dreams with turquoise and white’s. 

5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0089.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0090.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0091.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0092.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0093.jpg

Trafalgar square and Westminster.

4. It’s a Rome-ance for sure! It’s a beaut for those European vibes. Start your session early. Like really early to avoid the tourists. I start my sessions at 7 am sharp here for light and privacy. 


Right by the Square, fountains, steps and street crossings. I always like to include a cute cafe scene, so many in this location to choose. Shooting on the street of the Corinthia will make you love natural light even more. 

5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0094.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0095.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0096.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0097.jpg

5. Keeping this one for last, it’s short and sweet! Marylebone. Stunning cafe’s and crossings and in spring/summer they have peonies flower stalls right on the street. Perfect prop for a session!


The whole Marylebone high street will give you enough inspiration.

5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0098.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0099.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0100.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0101.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0102.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0103.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0104.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0105.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0106.jpg
5 top shoot locations as a london photographer, Nkima Photography 2018_0107.jpg


I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I did writing it! For full engagement session in Belgravia and Trafalgar square, click here.

Don’t forget to stay updated on our travel photography this year on Nkima on Style | Nkima Photography

Nkima x