I’ve had this photography dream to be a Dubai photographer and to shoot a couple in a chic simplistic setting surrounded by nature. Our trip to South Africa could not be completed without a Dubai inspired session in Hout bay, Cape Town.

This is one special location! We drove up to the coast passing the most picturesque fisherman’s town of Hout bay. As soon as Chris and Nadia made their stunning appearance I could just feel the attraction they have for each other. Both of them smiling ear to ear I knew they would be so comfortable in front of my lens and be as playful as little loved up kids. Chris is a DJ and also the most creative photographer/videographer and travels all over the world with his stunning Nadia that’s his muse! For anyone that’s experienced shooting another photographer can be daunting but in this case everything just faded perfectly into place.

DUBAI PHOTOGRAPHER | 28 June – 8 July 

Style for a shoot is always a must in my books. We went for a chic and minimal look to showcase the very best emotion between the two. You can never go wrong with a classic black and white. My favourite time to shoot is sunset as the dunes are the brightest of whites it can overpower the couple and we all know I am all for the soft romantic feels. A connection is so important, I like to step back and just let my couple interact and feel the moment of them just being there, together. Normally during this time true emotion will show and that’s when I come in! Can you spot the moment in this gallery? For me it’s when he comfortably hugs her and her smile gives it all away… 

Get inspired by Chris and Nadia’s outlook on life and creativity on their instagram profiles below.



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Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0001.jpg
Dubai couple dunes photographer, Nkima Photography_0002.jpg
Dubai couple dunes photographer, Nkima Photography_0003.jpg
Dubai dunes photographer, Nkima Photography_0004.jpg
Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0005.jpg
Dubai dunes photographer, Nkima Photography_0006.jpg
Dubai portrait photographer, Nkima Photography_0007.jpg
Dubai engagement photographer, Nkima Photography_0008.jpg
Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0009.jpg
Dubai photographer, Nkima Photography_0010.jpg
Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0011.jpg
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Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0013.jpg
Dubai photographer, Nkima Photography_0014.jpg
Dubai engagement photographer, Nkima Photography_0015.jpg
Dubai engagement photographer, Nkima Photography_0016.jpg
Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0017.jpg
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Dubai photographer, Nkima Photography_0019.jpg
Dubai couple photographer, Nkima Photography_0020.jpg