Destination Wedding in South Africa 


Let me bring you bohemian bridal inspiration ladies! We flew all the way from London to photograph Carlee and Clinton’s destination wedding at glades farm, South-Africa. 

I met vibrant Carlee in the comfort of my own home, she was my hairdresser for the past two years. This is the best insight to know your bride inside out. We all know hairdressers and photographers loves a chat! The moment Carlee told me about her dream wedding theme and location at The Glades Farm I knew we were in for an incredibly creative and spontaneous wedding.


The Wedding day


Waking up to a misty, rainy day in the mountains, we were ready to be out of the comfort zone! Blessing me with her shooting skills, Maria Marguerite was the best second a girl could ask for. We met with Carlee and her squad of bridesmaids in one of the most prettiest humungous bridal suites I’ve ever seen. Pinky and gold tones were set for a day filled with romance and friendship. Already I could only imagine what the day will behold with such dynamic and unique styles. 

The ceremony room had a view down the misty mountains overlooking the lake. The wedding arch was styled to perfection with purple and gold sprayed eucalyptus leaves. I can’t help but smile like the cheesiest photographer behind my camera seeing Carlee walk down towards Clinton. They have a connection that’s undeniable. The way he looks at her and the way she looks up at him is pure bliss. The bridesmaids looked so stunning individually. I love it when brides mix the trends up and be utterly different. This was a statement! See for yourself and be inspired by the Steenkamp’s love story. 


Nkima x

Location | The Glades Farm
Wedding planner | Darryl Monks – Event Architecture
Wedding Gown | Casey Jeanne
Hairstylist | Tyron Mason
Make Up | Nancy Edmunds
Second shooter | Maria Marguerite 


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