London Engagement in the heart of Belgravia


Happy Valentines day all you loved up couples out there! Gosh I sound just like a San Fransisco radio station early in the morning. The Fine Cheese Co. in Belgravia  will be the the best decision to photograph your London Engagement shoot. Not only is it cheesy (no pun of course) but full of atmosphere. 


The most romantic outdoor cafe in London


I met Azi & Tiva a couple of months ago and knew from the first moment it would be a joy to photograph them. Azi loved the cream luxurious feels of Belgravia for an Engagement shoot in London. She also liked the idea to start the session off at a cute street cafe. Who will say no to red wine? It definitely get’s everyone in the mood. The sun was just setting on a hot sunny day in the city. The cafe was perfectly shadowed for the purest light a girl could ask for. Instantly Tiva had the charm, giving Azi sweet kisses and just being in the moment with her. She giggled away and I got camera ready! Afterwards we took a little stroll around the corner and discovered the most incredible crescent that complimented their outfits so beautifully.

Being a London Photographer can be challenging, planning your shoots around busy periods in the city. Shooting in Lush neighbourhoods has become such a safe haven as it’s quiet enough to let the shoot flow in it’s own right without any disruptions! 


That’s all the romance for one day!

Nkima x



Nkima is simply amazing! She’s really more than a wedding photographer. She has been an absolute dream to work with. During our post-wedding shoot she put us at ease straight away, we laughed lots and the photos were just awesome. f you’re thinking about booking her for your wedding , DO IT NOW!!! You won’t be disappointed ! She has captured memories we will cherish forever!


London romantic cafe,NkimaPhotography_0001.jpg
London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0002.jpg
London cafe, NkimaPhotography_0003.jpg
fine cheese & co, Belgravia,NkimaPhotography_0004.jpg
London cafe,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0005.jpg
The Fine Cheese Co. Belgravia,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0006.jpg
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London Photographer,NkimaPhotography_0008.jpg
London wedding photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0009.jpg
London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0010.jpg
London couple shoo,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0011.jpg
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London photographer,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0021.jpg
London engagement,Belgravia shoots,NkimaPhotography_0022.jpg
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London couple shoot,London engagement,NkimaPhotography_0035.jpg


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