I like London, because it makes you feel FREE. Coming from South Africa this is definitely my playground.

The city is full of inspiration around every corner..

Beautiful cafe’s
Street crossings
Interesting people
Victorian houses
London Black cabs

These are only some of the things that make my heart swoon…

That bring’s me to this special bridal shoot I did with this gorgeous couple. She’s a Portugal gal living in funky Brick lane and he’s an English city boy from London Bridge, and in the wake of all they met in this vibrant place where two world’s collide.

We had a wonderful day having fun exploring the streets of Notting hill and letting creativity flow.┬áSo happy to have collaborated with the incredible bridal designer Stephanie Allin Couture, her dress was perfect for the vision I had in mind.┬áLove the whole feel of a young couple hopelessly in love wondering the streets of London and just being comfortable with each other, that’s when magic happens, and Notting Hill has that romance feeling about it! Especially in Spring. My aim will be for brides to see how stunning location London is to get married in and that there’s no other place like it.

WEDDING DRESS DESIGNER | Stephanie Allin Couture

MUA | Alexandra Serrano

MODEL COUPLE | Rita Cardoso & Steve Bilko

LOCATION | Notting Hill, London

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Notting Hill London Styled shoot
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