Summers day wedding at Spring Somerset 


Darling I fancy you…

Yes. I just went there and it’s the feeling of LOVE.

Who’s ready for a blog post with a whole lot of juicy detail as this was one of THOSE days…At last I get to share all about this summers London wedding at Spring, Somerset house. Jess and Rob got ready at the slickest modern hotel, ME London. The enchanting city views had me inspired (If I wasn’t already!) Jess had her nearest and dearest as her bridesmaids and boy was I stunned by the love the girls have for each other, a true sisterhood. They got glammed up in the most luxurious suite overlooking London. Champagne & tears were flowing that’s for sure. I loved the space, the simplistic essence of the room made it a dream to shoot in. Natural light teamed up with white leather furniture. Yes. Just.Yes. 


The two love birds chose the perfect venue for them, small and intimate Spring Somerset house wedding. Surely nothing’s typical about this wedding. Not only did they rock the chicest look together but the style of the day was Botanical, tropical bliss with an editorial feel of course. They tied the knot at Old Marylebone town hall and it could’t be more special. Seeing Rob’s teary expression as soon as he had a peek at Jess walking down the isle was so special.  Yes I get emotionally involved as a photographer and I feel like that matters for those candid moments. We hopped on a red London Bus towards Somerset House, one of the guests started to play the guitar and everyone sang along to good old tunes. The mood was everything and more! The sun was setting and it was the golden moment for the couple session. Luckily the square was fairly quiet. I took full advantage of the time given and snapped till my heart’s content. Rob and Jess loved every moment and was so present in the moment. They made my job a whole lot easier let me tell you.


Having their grand entrance at Spring was just magical, Jess looked like a little girl who just went to Disneyland. The closeness and happiness they share with their friends and family is definitely why a intimate small wedding is perfect for them. They could really take it all in… See for yourself, Otherwise I would rave about them all day long…



Pinky tone loving!

From the Bride herself  |


”By far the best decision we made for our wedding. As photographers ourselves this was the most important thing to us but also our biggest concern. From the moment I face-timed Nkima for our initial consultation I knew she was the one for us. Throughout the whole process she was incredible and felt like a friend straight away. On the day she blended in perfectly and made everyone feel so comfortable. I loved being photographed by her. We are in love with EVERY SINGLE photo and admire her luxurious sense of style. She really does light up the room. Amazing human, amazing photographer and a new friend for me! Win win!”


London wedding photography,Me by melia,NkimaPhotography_0045.jpg
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