So, You’ve got a car?

So, You’ve got a car?


That impresses her very much!

This story is about a young South African loved up couple. Hanri is dear to my heart and Pieter to hers… We traveled from Los Angeles, 3 hours in the heat of the desert in a old vintage Ford Mustang convertible, thinking we’re too cool. Believe me it was an experience… Cameras overheating, leather burning like fire we just knew. It will all be worth it as soon as we get to our destination.

Joshua tree. Oh Joshua tree. You beauty.

We had about 40 minutes of golden hour and boy was it GOLDEN. Hanri & Pieter are the easiest couple to photograph as their authentic cute moments need no planning at all. They are just comfortable with each other and made the most out of this amazing experience being the only ones by the side of the road just breathing life in, together. Roxette (Joyride) kept on playing in my head. You can’t get more road-trip vibes than this.

Dust in her hair.
Lipstick on his cheeks.
Tyre marks in the sand.
We made history that day.

Today these two love birds are ENGAGED.

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