Bonjour | Boudoir

Bonjour | Boudoir

.Good morning my French lovers…

Here’s a treat that will inspire a little trip abroad to France featuring Rita on a recent Boudoir session.

I love everything FRENCH and what better way to celebrate that kinda feeling with a Sunday morning, rain is falling vibe. We turned my ALL WHITE bedroom into a studio heaven. And yes. She woke up like this… she’s flawless! Rita is a fashion designer herself and fully understands the essence of detail, story-telling and being a girl embracing womanhood over breakfast. This shoot was inspired by our big move from the city of London to a more peaceful environment in Wimbledon. The city drew me in like a wave over the ocean but as soon as I started working as a full time photographer I needed a place to call home. This shoot represents how my heart feels living on the other side… FUN, QUIRLY, SEXY & CONFIDENT and my hope is to inspire other woman out there to be yourself as a strong confident individual who can take life’s challenges one croissant at a time!

La vie est belle…

Nkima x

Featuring | Rita Cardoso

Location | Wimbledon

Video | Nkima De Faria Vimeo 

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Nkima de faria Vimeo video | Bonjour Boudoir

[su_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/180361146″]