Bonjour | Boudoir

Bonjour | Boudoir

.Good morning my French lovers…

Here’s a treat that will inspire a little trip abroad to France featuring Rita on a recent Boudoir session.

I love everything FRENCH and what better way to celebrate that kinda feeling with a Sunday morning, rain is falling vibe. We turned my ALL WHITE bedroom into a studio heaven. And yes. She woke up like this… she’s flawless! Rita is a fashion designer herself and fully understands the essence of detail, story-telling and being a girl embracing womanhood over breakfast. This shoot was inspired by our big move from the city of London to a more peaceful environment in Wimbledon. The city drew me in like a wave over the ocean but as soon as I started working as a full time photographer I needed a place to call home. This shoot represents how my heart feels living on the other side… FUN, QUIRLY, SEXY & CONFIDENT and my hope is to inspire other woman out there to be yourself as a strong confident individual who can take life’s challenges one croissant at a time!

La vie est belle…

Nkima x

Featuring | Rita Cardoso

Location | Wimbledon

Video | Nkima De Faria Vimeo 

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Nkima de faria Vimeo video | Bonjour Boudoir

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Matt & Laura’s Wedding

Matt & Laura’s Wedding


  I have such a special place in my heart for these two…

They are the kindest most genuine people you would meet! Matt and Laura met in Crete,Greece in the summer of 2007. Laura worked at a bar and of course Matt met her and sparks flew as they’ve been together ever since. After 6 years together Matt popped the question in Mexico with a romantic dinner setting for 2 on the beach followed by a footpath filled with flowers and candles… and she said YES! Well… who wouldn’t after all that! Matt and Laura exudes romance and passion.

They tied the knot at Bibury court country house set in six acres of grounds, situated next to the most beautiful village in England, Bibury. The theme of the wedding was Red, Greek with colour lilies. A beautiful contrast with both their Christian Louboutin wedding shoes. It was one of those days… where you can feel it in the air. Laura and Matt’s family have so much love to give and it showed! A beautiful and intimate ceremony took Matt’s breath away as he saw his bride to be walk down the aisle. The venue definitely had that va va voom factor and it really represented the stunning spirited couple.

        I’m pleased to share the special moments how they unfolded on their gorgeous day.


Location | Bibury Court Hotel

Hair and Make up | Marie Kelly & Holly Anderson from Beauty call 

Dress | Harmony Brides

Headdress | Glitzy Secrets

Florist | Jody at Rosy Lea Florist

Cake | Trudy at Jellycake

Bridal and Groom shoes | Christian Louboutin

Nkimphotogrphy.com-Notting Hill_0476.jpgNkimphotogrphy.com-Notting Hill_0478.jpgNkimphotogrphy.com-Notting Hill_0479.jpg
Nkimphotogrphy.com-Notting Hill_0477.jpgNkimphotogrphy.com-Notting Hill_0480.jpg

Nkimphotogrphy.com-Notting Hill_0482.jpg
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