London photographer | My favourite city locations

London photographer | My favourite city locations



There’s so many amazing London cafes and hidden mews that would drive any explorer crazy, in the best way! That’s the joy of being a London photographer. I’m sharing some of my all time favourite locations and why I’m so in love with them… Other than the obvious. 




  1. MAYFAIR | Not only the gem for fashion boutiques and fabulous restaurants but also for beautiful London architecture and walks that would make you re live your city dreams to the fullest. 
  2. SOUTH KENSINGTON | The pristine pure white neighbourhoods and blossom infused restaurants giving us that extra flavour of life’s treasures. Take a stroll around Bibendum and get lost, it would be the best decision ever made. Also a great little spot is Onslow Sq. with a maze of white pillars. 
  3. COVENT GARDEN | It’s safe to say that this is my all time favourite location as a London Photographer! The pebble street packed full of insanely creative places like Petersham Nurseries, Apple market and the Covent Garden hotel just to name a few. The West end will keep you busy for the whole day, for me? Years!
  4. NOTTING HILL | My second favourite place, this one is a goodie. Colourful houses and wisteria draped crescents. Some great restaurants to visit is Farmacy for their yummy smoothies and breakfast bowls. i celebrate each birthday at Beach Babylon for hot chocolates and eggs Benedict’s by the fireplace.  
  5. SLOANE SQAURE | Such a gorgeous day out, Duke of York square has a food market on and Alberts bridge is waiting for you pretty in PINK!


Enjoy and take it in! 

Nkima x


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Girl meets world

Girl meets world

Small town girl with a big city life.

Here I am, Nkima… just a girl from a small town called Hazyview in South Africa. I can still hear the Sabie River crushing through the rocks close to my bedroom window… What a divine sound that brings you back to life. We can get so caught up in all day things that we sometimes forget were we came from. At a young age I would sit on our little beach with my Barbies (yes a girly girl) and dream of a life far away and missing someone I don’t know. Ha! That describes me to this day.

At the age of 13 we moved to the UK and what a change that was! Coming from a farm to live in a far away place called London just seemed unbelievable. My life truly changed in so many ways. Goodbyes, challenges, scared and just starting a brand new life and I was ready for the unknown. By the time I was 20, London became my home and my playground, I developed a real passion for detail and photographing everything I see as beautiful. That included my friends! A few years on I knew my photography needed to be explored… I always struggled with the decision on making it a full career but after a very special someone pushed me in the right direction It just bloomed from there on. I am happy to say that from this day I am a full time photographer, living the life that I feel that I’m destined for. Blessed is an understatement. My husband played a big part in all of this and I’ll be forever grateful. He took all of these arty pictures of me in Central London and captured the real essence of my blog post today.

Just a girl with a passion. Making the most of this crazy life.

Let’s dream beyond infinity..

Nkima x

Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0046.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0047.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0048.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0049.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0050.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0051.jpg
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Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0053.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0054.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0055.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0056.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0057.jpgNkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0066.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0058.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0059.jpgNkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0064.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0060.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0061.jpg
Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0063.jpg

Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0065.jpg

Nkimaphotography.com-Notting Hill_0067.jpg
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