Personal Branding Photographer | Book launch

Personal Branding Photographer | Book launch

Personal Branding Photographer | On The Journey Of Becoming 


What inspires you to inspire people? For me it’s obvious, photography. Being able to bring out that beauty from within being a personal branding photographer is priceless. When I leave a session I’m exhausted as I put my heart and soul into each session. That’s what I find inspiring…


On a journey of becoming is a combination of products and services designed to equip you with practical tools to aid your personal and spiritual development – Catharine 


I love meeting strong hot mamma’s like Catharina. She’s motivated, stylish and such a boss girl. We took these photos at her home for her book launch, On The Journey Of Becoming. Check out her website with loads of photo goodies from our shoot here. Thank you to the beautiful crisp light and all white background, I mean it all wasn’t planned at al of course! Cath wanted to stand out but also bring in a glimpse of nature’s greens here and there. Thrilled with the outcome that represents her and her business. Style and location is a vital part of a successful shoot. I always make sure I understand my clients needs. Scouting location to fit the mood of the vision board and shooting away spontaneously! I loved how Cath knew exactly what she wanted, from props to outfits. Styled to perfection and not to forget the cherry on the cake. PERSONALITY! With some great upbeat tunes in the background, it felt like we were on fire! Have a look yourself and hear the sound of music. 


Nkima x

London portrait photographer, Nkima Photography_0009.jpg
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