Settled in Seattle

Settled in Seattle


Seattle, Washington.

This city blew us away, tall buildings… city lights…markets and Alexis Williamson from Le Salon Bridal . She gave us the warmest welcome a girl could ask for, showing us the best bits Seattle had to offer and bought us a pink bouquet of peonies as soon as we stepped through the famous Pike Place Market. The next morning we had the opportunity to choose our favourite Julie Vino Gowns at Le Salon Boutique. We were blown away by the stunning lace that’s Julie Vino! Bridal heaven. We had a wonderful styled bridal shoot in the city with a vintage 1960’s Rolls-Royce car. Our vision for the shoot was old Hollywood glamour with a touch of Burgundy.

What a dream come true!

Vintage car | British Motorcoach
Florist | Flora Nova Design
Wedding planner | Lisa Chambers
Models | Joey Castonguay & Ashley Rickard
MUA | Kathy Evans
Hair | Mari Dwyer
Wedding Gowns | Julie Vino
Bridal Boutique | Le Salon Bridal

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