Our wanderlust moment


YES, you heard right, me and my partner in all things FUN will be travel photographers in South Africa and Bali the next 6 months! Life is an adventure and boy I’m definitely not meant to live in one place. Although London has been so good to me in many many wonderful ways. It’s time to spread the wings and fly baby, literally.


Why you may ask and where exactly?


First stop | Durban 10-15 November

I will be jetting off to Durbs for the very first time to photograph a beautiful destination wedding on a farm, think boho chic! I will be here for two days and have some spots open for shoots, so get in touch people! 

Joburg + Pretoria | 15-20 November

This will be a fantastic time to book in some shoots as I have 3 dates open for availability! Let’s play and have fun. I promise not to bring the London rain with me!

20 November – 3 January | Cape Town

Oh boy this is a goodie! Some time with the family over Christmas and New year but SO MANY open slots for some creative content to be created. As a photographer I’m so lucky to be able to work wherever I go. Cape Town is such a gem and photogenic as it comes. I have many plans for styled shoots and open to family and lifestyle photography, book your session soon to avoid disappointment, I would love to capture sweet, sweet moments while I’m there and make the absolute best of my trip.

3 January – 3 April | Bali + Philippines

This was not easy people. My husband is an accountant, so convincing my realist of a man was hard work. It took some planning, some home cookin’ and of course a lot of you tube videos to get him on board. At the end of the day we will never look back and say we shouldn’t have done that. It’s always been such a big dream of mine to travel the world and meet different people. I’m working on my newest project Nkima On Style where I will share loads of my traveling images and of course blog all about it! Aka. I’ll be a lifestyle / travel blogger. FUN RIGHT!

The first two months we will be working as freelancers in Bali and open for business! I will be miss trigger-happy and my boo will be working on his trading. The 3rd month we will set of to the Philippines for our last month of FREEDOM, as I like to say. I feel like this is the time in our lives to take chances. Be totally happy with your surroundings and take it all in, experiences is the best education.


Have I sold you on it yet? Hahaha. Because our minds are set.

Get ready…

And GO!

Photography by | Amanda Karen Photography 


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